Unicorn SVG Download

Okay, I’m terrible at keeping up with a blog … my BlogSpot blog is pretty much abandoned but here’s trying again.

First, a little about me: I’m an artist and avid crafter although in real life I’m a data manager and technical editor/writer. I love painting, drawing, digital art, doodling, crocheting, knitting, sewing, weaving, pyasanky, Hardanger lace, beading, and whatever else I can get hold of. I recently (like last week recently) got a Cricut Maker so hopefully I’ll even have a few designs for download available here and there.

I have my artwork at one of my other sites, Fignations of Imaginment, which also has some tangle patterns that I’m also woefully behind on.

I do have a download that I made this evening for Cricut and other cutters, a basic Unicorn design with plenty of space under the horn for you to add your own designs, like flowers or an autumn wreath or whatever you can think of. The files are free to use for both personal and commercial use, just don’t distribute the original files but point anyone interested in them back to this post. File contains the unicorn in JPG, PNG, and SVG format.

Click to Download

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