3D Printed Name Keychains


Custom 3D printed name keychain – Please see below for more details.

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This is a 3D printed name keychain available in a variety of different colors. Height of the first letter is about 1 inch with the entire length varying based on the length of the name requested. The name can be a first name or a last name or even a business name as long as it isn’t longer than 10 letters. Anything longer than that, please contact us for special pricing. One caveat for a business name is that it must be your business and legally able to request the name on the keychain, i.e., no trademark infringements.

Colors vary based on what filaments we have in stock at the time which we’ll update as that happens. Also, please look at the Swatch Chart image as it shows the most accurate colors we were able to capture. When making a choice, please choose a color and then enter the name wanted on the keychain into the name field. Please double check the spelling before adding to your cart.

Keychain includes a short chain and split ring.


Q: Can you do other fonts?
A: Maybe, if the font allows commercial use or if I have or can get a license for the font. It also depends on if the font will work/print correctly as a keychain or not. I do have a subscription to Creative Fabrica and a Plus Membership at  FontBundles so I can get discounted prices on fonts, so please use the Contact Us link at the top right of the page to ask.

Q: Can I ask for something other than a name?
A: I’d rather not start that since I can’t control what would be requested. Please use the Contact Us link at the top right of the page to ask prior to ordering.

Additional information

Weight .3 oz
Dimensions 15.24 × 2.54 × .55 in

Aero Blue, Azure, Baby Blue, Barn Red, Beige, Black, Chocolate, Dark Blue, Dark Gray, Digital Blue, Fresh Red, Fuchsia, Gold, Goldenrod, Grass Green, Green#1, Highlight Yellow, Key Lime, Light Blue, Light Gray, Magenta, Mint, Mystic Purple, Navy Blue, Orange, Pink#1, Purple, Red#1, Red#2, Silver, Space Gray, Spring Green, Vanilla Cream, Vintage Rose, Violet, White, Yellow


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